Salina Edwards

5' 8" 175lbs - basketball / track & field

Enlisted Date: Jul 1, 2013
Separation Date: Mar 1, 2021
Occupation: Aviation Structural Mechanic
Rank: E-4



Desired Academics


I am Salina Edwards from New Smyrna Beach, FL. I was a three-year basketball player at Glenmuir High School, May Pen, Clarendon and was a part of two teams that made it to the National Championships and one team that finished third in the nation. Throughout my career, I focused on being a well-rounded athlete and scoring point, making defensive plays, encouraging teammates and being an example for my teammates in class, practice and games.
On the court, I had the ability to be an influential player.
I had a reputation for being a fast, strong and aggressive player, with great defensive skills, instinct and sacrifice. I finished my career as the three-year captain from my sophomore year to my senior year for Glenmuir High school and the league top rebounder.
I was accepted to Stetson University in FL, I decided that the best decision for me was to join the military. I enlisted in the United States Navy, and left for Illinois one month after graduation. I served about four years active duty in the Navy, attaining the rank of Third Class Petty officer. During my active service, I took part in many assignments around the country leading and supporting fellow shipmates in training and duty performance.
I believe that my time in the military has made me a better leader, and I have learned how to handle tough and stressful situations with superb composure and integrity handle adversity, ultimately allowing me to become a better person and a better athlete. I am interested in the chance to play for a team where I will not only feel a part of a unit but where my experience and skill will be an asset and contribute to the success of the team. I pride myself in giving my best in all my endeavors whether it be on or off the court or as a student or athlete and you can expect no less.

High School

Name: New Smyrna Beach High School
Graduation Date June 2013
Hometown: New Smyrna Beach, FL

Previous College

College Name: Colorado Mesa University
Start Date: January 2017
End Date: May 2017
GPA: 4.0

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