Ryan Neill

6' 2" 226lbs - football / football

Enlisted Date: Aug 1, 2013
Separation Date: Jul 1, 2020
Occupation: Infantryman
Rank: E-6


Desired Academics

  • Education.
  • Parks, Recreation, Leisure, And Fitness Studies.
  • High School/Secondary Diplomas And Certificates.
  • History.
  • English Language And Literature/Letters.

No preference


My name is SSG Ryan Neill and I have spent 6 years as a US Army Infantryman.

After high school I played basketball for Covenant College for one semester and after receiving bad grades (due to me not being ready for college) I decided to enlist. Originally I was stationed at Fort Meyer next to Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC where I spent a large amount of time working with foreign dignitaries and high ranking officials (to include the President) throughout the Military District of Washington.

I re-enlisted for Fort Stewart, GA and the 3rd Infantry Regiment to be a little closer to home. A few taskings I have undergone here are; I have been a part of training a National Guard unit to prepare for a combat deployment, deployed to South Korea as a deterrent to North Korean Forces, sent to West Point to train future Army Leaders in a field environment, and been put in charge of the accountability and training of an entire Section of Bradley Fighting Vehicles plus their crews.

In high school I played WR and DB for Hiram High School as a Freshman were I lettered with Varsity. After that year I moved to Pickens County where I started on offense and defense for three years at WR and CB. I do not have any relevant high school tape (to my knowledge) to send you. I have coaches who can be contacted to speak on my behalf if requested. Once I am out of the Army I will translation to the National Guard to continue to serve while attending your University.

I am a student of the game and my plan is to become a coach after this. I will give it my all on the field and in the weight room but also soak up all the knowledge the coaching staff has to offer.

High School

Name: Pickens High School
Graduation Date June 2012
Hometown: Jasper, GA

Previous College

College Name: Covenant College
Start Date: August 2012
End Date: December 2012
GPA: 0.4

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