John Jennings

5' 9" 182lbs - football / rugby

Enlisted Date: Dec 1, 2014
Separation Date: Dec 1, 2019
Occupation: Infantry
Rank: E-4


Desired Academics

  • Parks, Recreation, Leisure, And Fitness Studies.

No preference


I stop playing football half way through my Junior year. I didn’t want to stop playing, it was my whole life but there was a lot going on in my personal life that required my attention.
I picked up rugby my Senior year and went to the state championship.
After high school I did a ministry internship meanwhile playing for a local Division 1 Men’s professional rugby club.
I joined the Marine Corps a year and a half after I graduated high school, but I’ve had a strong desire to take a shot at football again. Sense I’ve been in, I’ve still competed in competitive rugby in Okinawa and Australia, and some 7on7 tournaments here and there.
I am married with a step son. My wife and I have discussed it and she is supporting me 100% in my decision to try and get back on the football field.

High School

Name: Allen High School
Graduation Date June 2013
Hometown: Allen, TX

Previous College

John has not attended college.
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