Jacob Hockman

6' 1" 235lbs - football / ice hockey

Enlisted Date: Jul 1, 2014
Separation Date: Jul 1, 2018
Occupation: 0411
Rank: E-4



Desired Academics


To All Reading,
The love for football is real. Eat, sleep, breathe football. I have about eight years of football past me now. Growing knowledge for the sport, I still have a living passion for it. God gave me a gift and it was to play football. In the corps lifting every day is a standard, but lifting is a passion for me as well. I can catch, run, and tackle proficiently. I am a natural leader, but have also been pushed to improve my leadership while in the Corps-- being a leader is a necessity or you wont keep climbing. The limit is myself, only I can stop myself.

High School

Name: Mingus Union High School
Graduation Date May 2014
Hometown: Cottonwood, AZ

Previous College

College Name: American Military University
Start Date: March 2017
End Date: April 2017
GPA: 3.0

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