Daniel Weaver

6' 4" 206lbs - football / football

Enlisted Date: Oct 1, 2007
Separation Date: Jan 1, 2019
Occupation: Motor Transport Technician
Rank: E-6



Desired Academics

  • Mechanic And Repair Technologies/Technicians.
  • Transportation And Materials Moving.

No preference


I am currently in the Marines, finishing at 11 years, wanting to pursue a career in Professional Sports. If not just volunteering as coaching assistants or something for a team and working my way up from there. While in the Marines I have played Quarterback and punter For tackle leagues and flag leagues throughout the bases and even for semi professionals leagues. I have never signed a contract to be paid or received composition for playing a sport during these years. My last year playing tackle football was 2017.

High School

Name: Ferndale Area Juniro/Senior High School
Graduation Date June 2007
Hometown: Johnstown, PA

Previous College

Daniel has not attended college.
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