Navy Veteran Andrew Bouleware Commis to Play Football at Hampton University

Andrew Bouleware

Branch of Service: Navy

Rank: E-5

MOS: Hull Technician

Current Duty Station: Norfolk, VA

Separation Date: 04/2017

Sport: Football

Hometown: Chester, SC

Q & A:

What drives you to earn your degree and play football?

My main motivation to go back to school and play football is to prove to myself that I can do it. I also want to prove to my family and friends who watched me make the wrong decisions with football and school in the past, that I can overcome failures.

What has the military ingrained in you that will make you an asset to a team?

The military has ingrained in me that even when there seems to be no hope, there is always a way to get through any obstacle. More often than not, there appeared to be no way to do a critical job or overcome a huge issue. However, the Engineering Department I was part of, always came out on top. That is something that will stick with me forever.

Most memorable experience in the military?

My most memorable experience in the military was when we were on deployment in the Mediterranean Sea from June to December of last year. One particular weekend stuck out in my mind. The weekend when 3 of the 4 top college football teams lost their game. It was also the weekend we flooded out 6 decks with water. Our department was faced with another large complication, there seemed to be no way to stop the flooding. As a whole, the Engineering Department came together and eventually had to shut down the fire main system and run the steam plants in local manual. We worked days on end to clean up everything and stop the flooding.

What would you say to the coach and others who think you can't hack it because you haven't played in a couple years or are too old?

To all those people who don't believe that I can play football again because of my age or because I have been out of the game too long, all I have to say is sit back and watch me. I don't need anyone's approval to be successful. I already know what giving up feels like, I can't wait to see what happens when I don't.

What would you say to guys still serving that have the ability to play?

My advice to the men and women still serving and considering playing is: The only person that can stop you, is you. There is no such thing as limitations. Don't live in a life of "what ifs". Live in a life of "I tried and I gave it my all". That's what matters in the end.

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