3 Traits Coaches Look for in Athletes that Veterans Embody Every Day


Military members never accept failure, and they focus on the task at hand until it’s complete. They can spend months training for a single mission, just like college athletes spend months training for their next season. College coaches are constantly seeking players who have the determination that veterans naturally form in the military. Coaches want players who overcome adversity and work with their team toward a common goal, just like veterans do. They need players who can adapt to the situation and are never satisfied until a mission is complete. 


When military members get knocked down, they get right back up and complete their mission. They’re trained to stay mentally alert in high stress situations. They have to fight off the elements, whether it’s scorching hot or blistery and cold, and are trained to stay tough during days without sleep and with little food. They are prepared for anything that comes their way, which makes them the type of players college coaches want on their teams. Veterans will show up and work hard everyday, giving 100% on and off the field for the betterment of the team. When the game is on the line or the team is in a slump, the coach looks for who still has it in them to compete, and veterans can be that go-to player.


Veterans know that when they skip out on a rep in training or don’t give 100%, it’s not only hurting him or herself but the team, too. Military members are truthful, direct, and carry a great sense of pride in standing for what they love. Veterans take pride in representing something bigger than themselves and don’t perform as individuals but as teammates. Coaches look for players who respect the game—players who respect their teammates, coaches, and opponents without hesitation which is exactly what veterans do.

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